Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Alexa ... my daughter

Pitter patter up and down the stairs my daughter goes
And takes an item with her every time, so she might know
What such a thing is called, as she asks her mom again
And twenty times after that...and this is the new trend.
She has to have a label for each thing she holds in hand.
The language that she learns in ways that she best understands.
She's in a world we do not know, experientially.
The patterns that her mind portrays are things we cannot see.
"Autistic" is the word we have, but one thing it is not,
but a spectrum of experience that "normals" haven't got.
She scores behind on many tests of children standardized
But shows talent in many ways not easy to define.
She can't create yet sentences that flow effortlessly
But she seems to know your emotional state, when you she cannot see.
It's difficult for her to stop a temper on the rise
but everyday we're witness to her incandescent smile.
She's not the best at building blocks or following a drill
But her curiosity is never quenchable
Voraciously she reads a lot, as she had taught herself
not the way that I had learned, but by memory and stealth.
Now I'm always grateful, more than ever so before
that I've got a daughter so easy to adore.
For some, what might be punishment,
for me, feels like reward.
Though deserving I am not, that I know for sure.
Nonetheless I'm grateful for the role I have to play
as a guiding hand to a beautiful soul, as she finds her way
in a world that accepts her better than any world before today.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

I have nukes! Aren't I cool? Yay me!

The orange brain, just about insane
Spoke of nuking Afghanistan,
But he'd rather not wipe 10 million out,
So he won't.  Wow!  What a man!
Has anyone seen such a super-extreme
Paragon of eloquence?
Such textured words, we've never heard
(And hopefully will never again!)
For anyone not sarcasti-mastered
I'll now apologize:
It must be known, and I have shown
I'll never sympathize
While the ostriches around me
Awkwardly apologize
For their orange-skinned baffoon
With the whitely-circled eyes.
It takes a special kind a dumb
To fall for a con
That's been exposed, but still you go
Pretend there's nothing wrong.
And that appears to be the case
With many in the red
Four of ten, consistently, and it hurts my head!
Can they not feel the heat, or see their power bill?
Do they never get sick or need the hospital?
How deeply are they dug, can they even breathe?
How has their life improved?  I cannot conceive.
But this is what we're living in.....a freakish horror show!
And stuck with it, can't turn it off, and nowhere else to go.
We'll need another planet to escape this idiot.
Or fly him off to Jupiter...(his ego, there, might fit).
Tired now I'm getting of the schoolyard bullying
By the little-boy disaster, who was desparate to be king.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Another wacky week awaits,
My Remedromians!
So to you, I give a break,
before your week begins.
This break of only minutes worth,
Perhaps a little less,
Will not presume to cost a thing
Or result in regret.
It's these words I give to you,
By typing on the page
To manifest a daily blog....
That once was all the rage,
Before we turned to moving pics,
That killed the radio
And maybe too the written word,
And books?  Maybe so.
But hey...such is modern life. 
What are you gonna do?
You shouldn't turn your back on what
Comes easily for you
Just because your gifts are seen
By only just a few.
And if you're not the most adored,
What is that to you?
The people who's opinion of me,
I do give a damn,
Can easily be counted on the fingers
Of one hand.
And if you have a genuine
Connection with a few,
It's better than a fake one,
Always hiding the real you.
So happy Monday everyone! 
And on this sultry day
I'll keep it real, like always,
and like always, do the same
As we smile at the camera in my mental picture frame!

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Heat Wave!!!

Here we sit, stickily,
On July 21.
Experiencing again
The hottest summer anyone
Has every seen or stored away
In living memory.
I'm well out of the kitchen,
But I still can't stand the heat!
The heat map of the world
Is getting slightly out of hand...
The red is spreading way up north,
And widening it's span,
Enclosing most of everyone
Below the tundra land.
They warned of global warming....
Some thought they were fools.
But now that change has been arranged
By humans burning fuels
And swiftly now upon us,
And left no room for doubt
Though some will try, and thus deny,
Thinking like a trout
(That is to say....not at all...
As that's how they get paid...
The lobbyists thru fossil fuels,
Their fortunes they have made).
So welcome now, the normal new
Sweating all the time
And selling ice out on the curb,
For $15.99
Or maybe just your popsicle....
That'll do just fine!  :)

Saturday, 20 July 2019

50 years ago today

50 years ago today
We landed on the moon!
A giant leap that showed the world
Just what we could do
When laying down a goal
We can easily digest
In efficiency of words,
In just a sentence or less...
"The nation...should commit itself.
To landing on the moon"
The time limit specified
NASA thought too soon
Given all the countless things
And theories left to proove
Before they could pull off
Everything they had to do.
But do it they had done!
Man walked upon the moon!
A moment so momentous
There were some who needed proof
Beyond lunar geology
Retrieved to show the world
That it's wasn't just an act,
We were there, boys and girls!
But you know how it goes....
no facts are yet sufficient
to satisfy the doubters
Who's faith is quite deficient.
And for their anti-counterparts
no facts needed at all
for those who will believe
at the dropping of a ball.
I'd like to think I've got
a complement of common sense
enough to give me distance
from the woes of either bench
neither such a critic
that I cannot make-believe
And hopefully avoiding
overdosing on naive
And from a happy middle ground
salute humanity!
You've done it chaps!  And now I
think it's time for a repeat!

Friday, 19 July 2019

13 second legacy

For 13 seconds of silence, he waited
Until that chant had fully abated
And only after that, started speaking again
After his ear to the hate, he'd lent.
But never not wanting his cake to eat
And keep it for later, simultaneously,
He's making a half-hearted semi-retreat:
"I am not happy"...and..."I disagree",
He robotically said.....unconvincingly.
If the truth is a thing that you'd like now to get
Whatever Trump says....take the opposite
as a good indicator of the things that are real
As truth is a thing that he'll never reveal.
Not voluntarily, but by being inept
Is how it comes out, the truth when we get it.
It's amazing to watch people swallow this junk.
A con man in the open....who woulda thunk?
You can't fool everyone all the time,
But for 40%.....they do just fine
being lied to overt and perpetually
and never will they let the facts get between
them and their orange self-worship machine
Their loyalty to him, he'll never return
A lesson his "friends" all eventually learn.